Alexandrians vs Saviours using Tales of Horror

The last couple of blog entries have seen us using the Tales of Horror expansion for Galactic Heroes. One of the teams we set up for Tales of Horror was a Necromancer team which featured zombies. Through a combination of tactics and good dice rolling, the zombies have proved to be good opponents.

We then got around to thinking about using zombies as a random uncontrolled force. So we knocked up these rules for zombies.


Soulless: You never take Shaken results. Anyone targeting you with a Shoot action gets a +1 to their roll.Slow: -1” to movement Actions.Wounds knock them down and can only be killed by ‘Out of Action’ results on the Wound chart.Every shot or loud noise will generate a zombie(s). They will appear 1d8 away from the source of the noise and placed the direction the dice is pointing.Roll d10. On a “6-10”, two zombies appear.On a “2-5”, one zombie appears.If a “1” is rolled, no zombie appears.At the start of the game (before each player has activated), roll 1d10. This …

Chapter 2 - Star Wars Galactic Heroes AAR

Following on from Chapter 1, the mysterious Jedi has asked the group to undertake another mission.

Mission Briefing

The group have been tasked with escorting some medicine to a settlement on a Swamp Planet. However, the local pirates want that shipment.

After successfully avoiding the pirate ships in the system, the group managed to land near the settlement. Getting to the settlement would mean the medicine case would be protected by their shields. Of course, the shields could only be lowered once the pirates were gone.

The group spent 4 RP to recruit two new team members.

However, the pirates have been tracking them and plan to ambush the group before they get to the safety of the settlement.

A pirate appeared out the jungle, swinging his flamer in the direction of the group guarding the medicine. Although hits were scored, only a wound and shock token were generated.

Patting down the flames, the group moved on to try and reach the settlement. Unfortunately, one of their number was hi…

Chapter 1 - Star Wars Galactic Heroes AAR

We've been playing a lot of Tales of Horror just lately, so we took a break and returned to a galaxy, far, far away.

Hopefully this will be the start of a Star Wars themed campaign. The setting is sometime between Episode 3 and Rogue One - although nearer Rogue One and Rebels.

The player group composed of a band of mercenaries. The opposition will vary from chapter to chapter. Resource Points will be accumulated and spent on new skills, new recruits etc.

The campaign will focus on this group - we've yet to decide upon names for the characters.

The Group

Mulder and Scully for Tales of Horror

"Things are getting strange, I'm starting to worry
This could be a case for mulder and scully
Things are getting strange, now I can't sleep alone" - Catatonia

Special Agent Fox Mulder Leader Shoot: d12 Close Combat: d12 Traits Leader: They give a +1 to the die roll to any model attempting to make a roll to recover from being Shaken or Wounded. The model must be within 12” and within line of sight (not blocked by terrain) of the Leader to give this “encouragement”. A natural roll of “1” still causes model to rout when attempting to become Unshaken, and expire from their wounds if rolling to get up from a wound. Veteran: You use a d12 for all rolls. Occult Expert: +1 Shoot & Close Combat against non-humans. +1 to Occult Tasks. Fearless: You ignore Fearful Presence, and ignore the penalty for multiple Shock markers. For example, if you had 3 Shock markers, your Recovery roll would still only be at a -1. Lucky: You may re-roll any die roll once a turn. Weap…